Trump: “My presidency was just a social (media) reality TV experiment!”

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In a shocking statement the president of the USA, Donald Trump said “it was just a social media experiment and the American people fell for it”.

He stated how he would be standing down in January when the social media experiment comes to an end.

Following this statement, which is set to send shock waves around the world after learning America has just fallen for the biggest ever social experiment in its history, reporters are asking why?

Trump was forced to reveal the true nature of his presidency after documents were leaked earlier today.

It hardly comes as a surprise in some respects due to his constant need to tweet everything, his completely brash and frankly selfish decisions.

It is yet to be known who endorsed this experiment, but speculations believe the Russians are behind it. Trump may have been offered a large sum of money, in which given his situation at the time, he couldn’t refuse. Little did he know this was just as an experiment on him as it was America!

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